07 Adapting to Food After Relocating Cafecito Chat Podcast ENG

September 10, 2019

Unpack your suitcase using your food as tools with or next week special guest Thaís Naveda Luy @tnlnutrition 


I bet that as soon as you landed in your new home country one of the first things that felt different was food: ingredients, schedules, portions and culinary traditions here are different from the ones you were raised with.


One of the first things we must do as immigrants to adapt to the culture that welcomes us is accepting new foods without prejudice, celebrating the differences. That does not mean that we are leaving behind our roots and flavors we love, the culture we bring with us will always remain present. Adapting means quite the opposite, it is all about finding balance while living in a country that gives us the opportunity to share and to take our flavors beyond our borders. - Thais